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Meet the Board Members

MARTIN 3.jpg

Martin Goldstein

Martin grew up in New York and has lived and worked in Europe as well as South America, primarily in the computer field. Martin completed his career as the lead in disaster preparedness for a multi-national company based in the Pacific North West. As a retiree Martin enjoys remodeling homes, travel and participates in yoga on a daily basis.

ANN 1.jpg

Ann Goldstein

Ann is a former special education teacher and small business owner. Ann has also spent many years and continues to do volunteer work with non-profit organizations. In her free time Ann studies Italian and Spanish, practices Pilates and enjoys spending time with her dog.


Gary Kraus

At work Gary is Vice President, Director of Land Surveying responsible for oversight, client management, project execution, strategic planning, and business development.  Outside of work Gary enjoys live music, museums, modern architecture and  would love to travel more. While home Gary enjoys working in his garden and is also an avid cyclist.


Cole Kraus

Cole graduated magna cum laude from Babson College with a BS in Business Administration focusing his studies in Strategic Management and International Business Management. Currently Cole is an analyst where he works alongside clients to develop creative growth strategies. In his spare time, Cole is an avid triathlete and enjoys pushing himself out of his comfort zone through travel.


Mark Schultheis

Mark enjoys biking, skiing and golf as primary activities and, together with his wife, he learns from traveling for broadening perspectives.


Fiona Swerdlow

At work, Fiona leads a team that helps businesses understand the rapidly evolving changes to eCommerce, consumer behavior, and trends in the retail space. She served for nine years on the Board of Trustees of the French-American School of New York. Outside work, Fiona enjoys travel, non-fiction, current events, global cuisines, and neighborhood walks

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